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The Lewis family has lived in Gilbert for 27 years. Like many of you, the first words we used to describe our town were: "This is a great place to live." The eight children in the Lewis family have benefited from wonderful schools and dedicated teachers. We have appreciated the recreation programs, picnics in our parks, and horse riding along the canals. We love Gilbert!

I have enjoyed service opportunities as the co-chairman of the Town Diversity Task Force, organizer of many Interfaith activities, and founder of the "Gilbert Constitution Week" and KC Ranch July 4th parade. I have also appreciated the chance to serve our youth as a Boy Scout Leader and sports coach. Professionally, I have a background in finance, information technology, and leadership development.

While our town has had a great past, we are facing new challenges. We need leadership for the future--leadership that will provide vision and trust, and involve the citizens of Gilbert. I invite you to join me in providing that leadership.

Thank you for visiting this web site. Your support is appreciated.

2012 Candidate for Mayor
Town of Gilbert



Two Gilbert business organizations endorsed Mayor John Lewis for his re-election campaign. Both the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Alliance announced their overwhelming support for Mayor Lewis after their Election Selection Committees met with candidates and reviewed their past performance and future plans.

The Chamber summarized their endorsement with this statement, "Mayor John Lewis has continued to champion business and has been instrumental in streamlining business processes at the Town level. His commitment to press forward on pro-business issues is critical for the community's long-term sustainability. His support of Chamber initiated programs and services allow for continued collaboration to assist businesses to grow and expand in Gilbert."

The Small Business Alliance commented, "Mayor John Lewis is the ultimate ambassador of the Town of Gilbert. He is a thoughtful man who respects every person's position and always leads through collaborative efforts. The Alliance is looking forward to working with Mayor Lewis for another four years!"

In receiving these endorsements, Mayor Lewis said, "With our community emphasis on economic development and Gilbert jobs, the Chamber and SBA are two of the most important relationships for the Town of Gilbert. The members of these organizations enthusiastically support an 'open to business' culture and they aggressively help retain our current businesses and serve as ambassadors to attract new businesses. I thank them for their past efforts and look forward to our continued partnership."

Related to campaign priorities and business, Mayor Lewis recently emphasized, "The most important assignment of our Gilbert Mayor in the next four years is to continue the 'business building' process. Thriving businesses in Gilbert will provide sustainability to support our Town priorities of public safety and public works. While 2/3 of our residential community is built, only 1/3 of our business community is built. Now is the time to build for the future. Gilbert businesses, economic development and jobs are my priorities."


As part of his re-election campaign plans, Mayor John Lewis of Gilbert announced his campaign organizational leadership today. Howard Morrison, long-time Gilbert resident and business leader and Amy Johnston, Gilbert Mother, will serve as Honorary Campaign Chairs.

Howard Morrison described his enthusiasm to serve as the Honorary Chair as follows: "I have been impressed with Mayor's Lewis forward thinking. While I cherish my past memories of a small town Gilbert, it is an exciting time for Gilbert to be looking ahead to what we will be in 30 years at possible build-out time. Mayor Lewis is focused on providing the right balance of land use for families to live and businesses to provide jobs. He has a professional, collaborative approach with the right skill set for Gilbert in 2012."

Amy Johnston said: "I enthusiastically support John Lewis for mayor. We've lived in Gilbert for nearly twenty years, and it's an honor to support someone so dedicated to keeping family, freedom, and faith as priorities in our town. I appreciate the dignity he brings to the office and the way he works hard to make people of all faiths and all backgrounds feel welcome and needed in our community. He goes out of his way to be accessible to people's concerns and questions, including an eager group of Cub Scouts I took on a recent field trip to Town Hall. I could sense his passion for continuing to build and strengthen a Gilbert that will support their future plans to finish school and raise their own families in our community. He is an efficient and effective leader. We are fortunate to have someone of his caliber willing to seek a second term as our mayor."

Nick Johnson will serve as Campaign Manager and Mike Webb will serve as Fund-raising Chairman. A diverse group of Gilbert citizens will serve on the Campaign Advisory Council. And Mayor Lewis will once again rely on his "Team Gilbert" to provide a grass roots effort to share his past message of "Leadership for the Future" and his 2012 campaign theme "Building the Future."


On May 30th, Mayor John Lewis submitted 100 petition forms with required signatures for his re-election bid as Mayor. Mayor Lewis wishes to thank the 80 plus citizens who gathered signatures in support of his candidacy to return as Mayor.

"I appreciate the volunteers who helped gather signatures during the month of May. This month was another wonderful opportunity to spend time in all parts of Gilbert. Thank you 'Team Gilbert' for the continued support!"

Under the direction of the Council and Town Leadership, Gilbert has the lowest taxes in Greater Phoenix, is known as the safest community in all of Arizona, and has a quality of life that continues to attract the highest number of new single family permits compared to any other city in the valley.

Mayor Lewis was elected as Mayor in May 2009. The Lewis family has lived in Gilbert for 27 years. He has been married to LaCinda for 32 years and together they have nine children and six grandchildren.

In addition to his mayoral duties, Mayor Lewis also serves on the following regional boards and committees: Maricopa Association of Government (MAG) Regional Council, MAG Economic Development Committee, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Board/Chair, Greater Phoenix Economic Council Board, and East Valley Partnership Board.


Gilbert's Mayor, John Lewis, announced today that he plans to seek reelection for the Office of Mayor.

After extensive discussion with family, friends, and community leaders, Lewis said that he felt comfortable with the decision and he looked forward to future opportunities to serve the Town. Lewis commented, "Gilbert is our home. We have lived here for 27 years. We enjoy the small town feel and big city amenities. It would be an honor to continue to participate in the service opportunity of a lifetime as Mayor."

In 2009, Lewis emphasized a message of "leadership for the future." In comparing 2009 to 2013, Lewis said, "With the economic downturn, our Town Council was required to focus on cutting our Town budget without reducing our services. In spite of many challenges, we maintained our service levels and used this important time to plan for the future. Our General Plan, which serves as our 'blueprint of the future,' was approved last year and a Strategic Plan with five areas of emphasis was created to provide specific direction for the next few years. The next four years will provide a different leadership test. Instead of an emphasis on how to manage with reduced funds, we will focus on how to lead an organization out of a recession and implement sustainable policies for future Town prosperity."

Under the direction of the Council and Town Leadership, Gilbert has the lowest taxes in Greater Phoenix, is known as the safest community in all of Arizona, and has a quality of life that continues to attract the highest number of new single family permits compared to any other city in the valley. Gilbert received national recognition last September, when Mayor Lewis accepted, on behalf of the Town of Gilbert, the "Freedom Award," known as the most prestigious award given to an organization for their support of the National Guard and Reserves from the Department of Defense.

Related to economic development, Gilbert made great progress. In 2009, many site selectors for businesses said that Gilbert was not even considered in their analysis. Today, Gilbert continues to be a prime location to attract new businesses. Apple said that Gilbert was one of their top choices as they considered Arizona for their North American headquarters. Lewis expressed appreciation to the business community, "Our local business leaders have worked with the Town to create a business friendly, 'open to business' environment that has helped attract small and large businesses. For our future sustainability, and to create jobs in Gilbert, economic development will continue to be a critical priority for the Mayor and Council."

Lewis is known as a collaborator. He often uses the phrase, "What we do, we do together." He has organized economic development, faith group, youth, neighborhood, business, and art forums and summits to gather citizens together for dialogue and planning. In anticipation of the future, Lewis made the statement, "I believe that our best is yet to come. I look forward to four more years of service as Mayor."

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